A flash of colour and it’s gone..

As part of my UROPS project, I’ve been listening out for the Red Jungle Fowls and looking out for them. Since 6 weeks ago when I first started my project, I’ve somehow cultivated a habit of looking outside the window everytime I pass it. Each time, I would pause a couple of minutes, wait for movement, then go away disappointed, thinking, “WHERE ARE THE CHICKENS!!” Though I have seen the jungle fowls quite a few times in the short few months I’ve lived here, the fowls have been evading me for 6 weeks. Frustration was certainly building up.

Since I started work just yesterday, I imagined my sightings and hearings of the junglefowl would decrease accordingly.

But today, I hit jackpot.

Around the evening at 630pm when I reached home, I heard the call of the Red Junglefowl and looked out of the window as usual. To my surprise, in the distance, I saw 2 male Red Junglefowls! I scrambled for the camera I borrowed from DBS and tried desperately to take pictures.

Alas, the fowls were not in my direct line of vision since they were hiding behind the trees. In the few moments when they were exposed, I saw the 2 males fighting for territory, then started to forage individually.

A flash of colour and it's gone!

The above picture was all I could manage. A flash of colour and it’s gone. I later ran to the backyard, hoping to get a picture but the junglefowls were gone. 😦

I could have sworn I saw the white ear patch though!

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