more monitor lizards

As part of my UROPS, I’ve set up the camera trap, hoping for some Red Jungle Fowls to be caught in action. No fowls were caught but on 2 occasions, the monitor lizard came up really close to the camera trap!

Take 1: A monitor lizard coming up close and personal with the camera!

Take 2: Monitor lizard peeking at the camera

2 times the monitor lizard came right up to the camera! These pictures, along with my previous sightings of the monitor lizards, could there be a population there?

PS, notice the different angles of the two pictures though I didn’t change the location of the camera. I’ll let everybody know why the next time!

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One Response to more monitor lizards

  1. K C says:

    Hey, you doing an interesting project. But if there are so many monitor lizards of such size, they must be looking for an easy meal like the wild fowls. I don’t think you will see many chickens there !

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